Aluminium Section Agent from India Visited us

On 8th, April, Mr.Shranik Chopra Visited our factory. Mr.Chopra’s company was appointed as the first sole recruitment agent of India for international pavilion of Canton Trade Fair by China Foreign Trade Centre. He played an important role as our aluminium section distribution agent in India for our company.
aluminium section office building

Around 9am, after some tea in the Chairman office, We showed Chopra our sample exhibition room on the 3rd floor of office. In the exhibition room, there are samples on broken bridge sliding doors, casement windows, wood grain doors with beautiful appareance and quality. On the other side of the room, aluminium section about beach chairs, solar panel frame, windows and doors are displayed there.

beach chair aluminium profile


aluminium section door sample

After the aluminium section showroom, We entered into the workshop. Fristly the melting and casting workshop for aluminium bars. Then the aluminium section workshop which is divided into many sectors including aluminium section extrusion sector currently with 8 extrusion lines, oxidizing and electrophoretic sector, powder coating sector, aluminium section ware house, etc. On the way back to office, We walked to our windows and doors workshop. Our guest think highly of our organized and enviromental-friendly workshops.

aluminium section oxidizing

aluminium section powder coating

aluminium section warehouse


After the tour in the aluminium section workshops, We went back to office. Our factory chef cooked some nice dishes to welcome our guest, and coincidentally, the county mayor also came to visit our factory. So We had lunch together.

lunch with county mayor

After discussion, We decided to visit India in May for some major potential customers. Hope our agent can open the door to India  for us and We believe it will be a win-win cooperation!

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