Aluminium Profile Export China

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As one of the biggerst Aluminium profile/section manufacturer, We concern about the news on aluminium everyday. We read news on internet and We collect information and learn from our clients. Local aluminium window and door factories and overseas buyers for other kind of aluminium profiles such as aluminium ladders, solar panel frame, beach chair stand, etc.

China’s State Council said yesterday it would cut coal-fired power tariff, and reducing iron ore producers resource tax. From $ 70 / tonne fall within the iron ore (a key ingredient in steelmaking) prices for three months to less than $ 50 / ton, while the price of aluminum has fallen by more than 4% this year.

Price cut should help Chinese state-owned aluminum producer, which relies grid electricity supply, which constitutes a large part of business costs. Aluminum is widely used in the aircraft to the car’s various products. Chinese government’s move will not slow down the decline in aluminum prices will only exacerbate the surge in Chinese exports to the world market.

Analysts Institute of British goods (CRU) of Bjorn? Martins Moore (EoinDinsmore) believes that the price down so that Chinese state-owned aluminum producer to benefit from falling coal prices. He said many private manufacturers have enjoyed lower costs, because they have their own coal-fired power plants.




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