Curtain Wall Industry Features

Experts pointed out that because of supply and demand throughout the mall Aluminum Fenestration industry, the quality is good or bad, skill levels, and so prices fluctuate depending on the first three companies, therefore, from a macro point of view, the current domestic aluminum industry mainly Fenestration has the following characteristics.
(A) experienced continuous improvement of the profession, the increasingly fierce competition. Compared to other industries in terms of kneading profile products, aluminum curtain walls and windows as standard relatively fixed, and the precision and strength requirements are not particularly high, aluminum processing plant profiles kneading skills already quite sophisticated, commodity difference gradually reduced, resulting in abnormal intense competition. The past two years from aluminum production plant can be seen, the overall vacancy rate devices are about 40% to 50%.
(B) because of the large volume of aluminum curtain walls and windows of goods, long process characterized by the formation of goods, coupled with the impact of transport costs, tariffs, aluminum curtain walls and windows are regional shopping malls simply, the domestic company’s business and more than 90% of goods are domestic-oriented shopping centers, international shopping malls will become future space undertaken.
(C) can be seen from the specific circumstances of the industrial chain, and on the relevance of the downstream aluminum industry Fenestration relatively simple, the industrial rise and fall entirely dependent on the construction industry, the risk management of its shopping centers fundamentally focused on specific downstream industry. Thus, the domestic manufacturers to establish a wide range of shopping malls in the construction industry marketing channels is most important. In addition, the aluminum industry (aluminum, aluminum), to carry out the glass industry will directly restrict the production costs. Thus the entire production run considerable risk concentration.
(D) Goods carry relatively few restrictions. From the metal products industry, the aluminum curtain walls and windows are the ultimate consumer, unlike commodity parts or accessories, by the customer to set the standard; aluminum curtain wall windows companies need to know the potential need for consumers to quality of life, we can for aluminum curtain walls and windows structures, accessories or making research and development, which can create a lot of improvements or new forms of aluminum curtain walls and windows. Thus commodity and skills in the field of innovation in aluminum curtain wall windows have a lot of space, but also the focus of competition.
(V) foreign manufacturers have long aluminum Fenestration join the contest. Because aluminum industry has long kneading join international competition mall, while standardized façade is introduced from abroad, the country’s construction industry flourished in recent years, many foreign trade are strong competitors have entered the Chinese market, domestic mall more sophisticated, the whole industry has brought new skills and management, to further improve the mall which is very useful.
(Six) with serious professional competition, Loaning amazing, receivables big hurt to carry out. Although the construction sector of mine, and not underwritten, and not in arrears, but because of commercial competition stringent financing system is not perfect, the company’s strength is relatively small, only “aware of the tiger, biased on a difficult path,” the company carried out by hurt. Successful financing, can improve the company’s relative strength mall contest. In addition, the mall is quite disorderly competition intense, so that the whole industry management is not improved.
Experts pointed out that, according to the country to carry out the planning, the construction industry has become a hot spot of consumption and economic growth in the country for a long period of time for our country to carry out professional aluminum curtain wall windows offer a broad mall.

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