Electrophoresis Coating Aluminium Extrusions

Electrophoresis Coating Aluminium Extrusions:


After anodizing, the anodized aluminum extrusions put into electrophoresis tank and electrifie to make acrylic resin adhere to the surface of aluminium profile. The aluminum section will stay in another tank for 30 minutes under temperature of 180+20℃ to be dried.


electrophoresis coating aluminium profile 01

Electrophoresis Coat Aluminium Profile

electrophoresis coating aluminium profile 02

Electrophoresis Coat Aluminium Profile


Benefits of  Electrophoresis Coating:


  • 1.Better performance than anodized aluminium profile

The electrophoresis coat aluminium profile have two layer of protection, one is oxidizing, the other layer is electrophoretic painting. The electro coat feature high transparent and stain resistance, weather-proof quality.

  • 2.Uniform coating and thickness controllable electrophoretic lacquer

The high throwing power of electrophoresis material leads to even coating of aluminium profiles with complex shape. In the meantime, the film thickness can be controlled by adjusting the electricity.

  • 3.Safe and Environmental friendly electrophoresis coating

The electrophoresis material after dilution, the solvent content decrease. So there is no danger of fire.

  • 4.Decorative quality

High transparent gum resin highlight the metal quality of electrophoresis coat aluminium profile. We can also get other decoration type such as semi-gloss, pearly lustre, and so on.

  • 5.Higher quality

Electrophoresis coat aluminium extrusion no need hole sealing. This avoid the defect such as cracking of the aluminium extrusion.

  • 6.High demand on the technology

Small defect and flawless will be found in the transparent electrophoretic layer. So in the process of electrophoresis coating aluminium extrusion, we have strict technology demand.

electrophoresis coating aluminium profile 03

Electrophoresis Coat Aluminium Profile

electrophoresis coating aluminium profile 04

Electrophoresis Coat Aluminium Profile




Info of  Electrophoresis Aluminium Extrusion:



Grade:Alloy 6000 Series.Most like 6063,6061,etc.

Temper: T3-T8.Most like T5 or T6

Surface Treatment: Powder Coating.

Certificate: ISO 9001:2008

Color: Silver, Gold, White, Black or depended on you.

Quality Standard: GB5237-2008.

Package: Shrink wrap.

Delivery: 15-20 days after deposit.

Application: constructive windows and doors, curtain walls, other various architectural.

Length: standard: 6 m or  your custom

Price Terms: FOB  according to your certain request

Payment: T/T or irrevocable L/C at sight




electrophoresis coating aluminium profile 05

Electrophoresis Coating Aluminium Profile

electrophoresis coating aluminium profile 06

Electrophoresis Coating Aluminium Profile



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