Extruded Aluminum Profiles 20×20S2

 Extruded Aluminum Profiles 20×20S2 Structural Drawing:


20-20s2 of the aluminumprofile

20-20s2 of the aluminumprofile


Feature Of  Extruded Aluminum Profiles 20×20S2

1) Good  for light-duty construction

2) With two 6mm aluminium extrusion T-slots


Extruded Aluminum Profiles 20×20S2 Technical Specifications:

Moment of Inertia Section Modulus Profile Surface Weight(Mass) T-slot
Lx[cm4] Ly[cm4] Wx[cm3] Wy[cm3] A[cm2] m[kg/m] [mm]
0.84 0.68 0.84 0.68 1.83 0.49 6


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