How to judge the quality of aluminium profile

aluminium profile


Some enterprises want to reduce aluminium profile costs and improve corporate profits, aluminum profiles production does not meet industry processing standards, resulting in substandard quality. so when purchasing the aluminium profile, we could judge the quality of the aluminium profile from the surface of oxide film, chemical composition of aluminium, and aluminium profile thickness.
1. We can visually see the thickness of the aluminium oxide film because the industry standards stipulate that the oxide film thickness must be more than 10 microns.Besides,the surface of oxide film is less bright than the inner,so we may judge the quality from visually see an incision at the aluminium profiles.Aluminum section corrosion resistance and service will be greatly decreased because of the reduce of thickness.
2.The thickness of standards aluminum profile is more than 1.4 mm and high-quality aluminum profile not less than 1.6 mm,so the thickness is the most simple and obvious factor to judge quality of aluminum profile. Aluminum quality directly is related to our safety.
3.The color of normal aluminum should be silvery white,if the color being dark, it must be recycled aluminum.
4.We can take a smooth hard object scratch the surface of aluminum profile, and then if we can easily wipe scratches, we can judge the oxide film of the aluminium section is qualified, otherwise,not qualified.

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