The Advantage of Aluminium

Aluminium has a unique properties that make it versatile,repeated use and an excellent construction material.

1.Aluminum has a lower density of 2700 kg/m3, compared to the density of steel, that is 8400 kg/m3.
2.Aluminium is strong with a tensile streng between 70 and 700 Mpa, depending on the type of aluminum and processing technology. Extrusions of right alloy and accurate operation can be as strong as the construction material of steel.
3.Aluminium has a property of good formability in both hot and cold condition, so aluminium material can be cast, drawn and rolled
4..Unusally, aluminium material surface will have a thin layer of oxide when the material is exposed to air. The layer can provide very good protection against corrosion even in corrosive environments. In addition, this layer can be further strengthened by the processing of anodizing, electrophoresis coating or powder coating.

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