The Advantage Of The Aluminium Alloy Anti-theft Net

aluminium alloy anti-theft net

Aluminium alloy anti-theft net,as one of the most popular security mesh that can prevent the action of the thief effectively,has the following characteristics,compared with the stainless steel anti-theft net.

1.Good decoration:The shape of the aluminium alloy anti-theft net not only can be round tube,square tube,but also can be plum tube.The surface treatment process technology of the aluminium alloy anti-theft net can be wood grain,electrophoresis coating or powder coating.There are many kinds of colors you can choice,which is more than the stainless steel anti-theft net.
2.Good security:Compared with the other types of anti-theft net,the aluminium frames of the aluminium alloy anti-theft is assembled by the aluminium screws inside the frame and fixed with the rubber strip.The design makes the aluminium alloy anti-theft being several times stronger than stainless steel anti-theft net.
3.The fast speed of the production update:the decorative of the aluminium alloy could meet the customers’ demand of appearance,besides,the strong struction and fast speed of assemble of aluminium alloy anti-theft result in the fast speed of production update.

The disadvantage of aluminium alloy anti-theft net:
The fact that aluminium alloy is less hardness than stainless steel results in the aluminium alloy anti-theft net,using for a long time, is broken easily.

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