Water Cooling Quenching and Air Cooling Quenching

water and air quenching


The aluminium alloy quenching mean that the temperature of aluminium alloy decreases from high temperature to low temperature suddenly. There are two ways of the quenching of alloy aluminium:water cooling quenching and air cooling quenching.The alloy aluminium 6063,as the material of the construction aluminium profile usually,would treat with water cooling quenching after extrusion.
Internal crystalline structure of the alloy aluminium will be rearranged,when the aluminium profiles are put into the aging oven after the treatment of the water cooling quenching,meanwhile,the mechanical strength of aluminium profile will be enhanced.Among all the metal alloy,only alloy aluminium have the characteristic of aging effect.
The temperature of the aluminium profile after the treatment of extrusion machine is 460-500 degree and the temperature of the aluminium profile with the quenching should reach to 200 degree generally. The aluminium profile with the water cooling quenching is called T5,in the same time,with the air cooling quenching called T6.
The hardness of T6 is more than T5,but if the aluminium profile needs stretch bending processing,do not choose T6.
There is a view that the difference of the characteristic between T5 and T6 is because of rate of cooling,not cooling with water or air.If the cooling rate of the air quenching is large enough,the hardness the aluminium profile can also reach the state of T6,meanwhile,if the cooling rate of water quenching is not large enough,the hardness of the aluminium profile can only reach T5
Due to the thickness of construction aluminium profile is relatively small and this kind of aluminium profile with water cooling quenching ,especially the incision of aluminium profile,will deform,so the construction aluminium profile mostly choose the hardness of T5.The hardness of alloy aluminium 6063-T5 is  10-13,6063-T6 reaches 13+.

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