What should be paid attention to when choosing aluminium profile

construction aluminium profile1


At present,the processing technology of construction aluminium section of China has reached the world advanced level and

the types of treatment in the surface of aluminium profile are abundant,such as anodized aluminium profile,electrophoresis

aluminium section,powder coating aluminium section,thermal insulation aluminium section.Aluminium sections that treated

have the characteristics of high hardness,light weight,corrosion resistance,good decorative performance,long service life,

many colors,etc.Usually,the color and the metallic luster of the aluminium profile can’t change in 20 years.

When choosing aluminium profile you should pay attention to the following points:

1.Observing aluminium profile appearance is bright color,good luster or not,there is obvious scratches and bubbles or not.

2.Check the thichness of aluminium profile,the thickness of aluminium windows and doors should be not less than 1.2 mm.

3.Check the film thickness of aluminium section,the film thickness of anodized aluminium profile is not less than 1.2 μm,

the electrophoresis aluminium section not less than 17 μm,the coating powder aluminium profile between 40 μm and 120 μm.

4.If you are a user in coastal areas,choosing electrophoresis aluminium profile and powder coating aluminium is a best idea.

5.If cleaning the aluminium production,not with a brush and other hard objects,but a soft cotton yarn or cotton.The same is

also must pay attention that cleaning with water or detergent,not organic matter.


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